Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have started many a blog, and seldom do I actually keep up with them very long. I am hoping this one might be different. Technically I see this one more as a carrying on of my old blog of the same name, also hosted by Blogger. The other one though was started under my old name, and therefore, I had to keep my old gmail account alive and well just to be able to tweak that blog. This may end up being just ramblings, hopefully though it will be a bit more consistent.
So to begin in this entry, I shall explain further regarding my chosen name for this blog as well as his predecessor. Dum Spiro, Spero, which is Latin for "While I breathe, I hope," was first discovered by me on a trip to Scotland I made my freshman year of college. I was visiting a friend of mine for 5 days or so in the little town of St. Andrews, and this quote is the town's motto. I saw it somewhere while there, and wrote it down in my journal, only for it to be packed away and rediscovered a year or so later. Hope is a word that I have really made one of my Life words in a way. It's a word God often reminds me of when I am down, tired, fearful, worried, stressed. It's a word that promises so much more. In this saying, Hope is something we have while we are here on earth and while we breathe this air. I believe that when we reach heaven we will have come to a place were we no longer need to hope because our hope will have been fulfilled.
And thus another blog of ponderings and whatnot begins.

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