Sunday, February 8, 2009


I saw this through my Google RSS feed, and thought it interesting...

Geva Comedy Improv Presents: Be My ValentineTime: 10:30 PM
(US/Eastern)Location: the Nextstage at Geva Theatre Center
Roses are red, violets are blue, some love-crazed lunatic is gonna kill you.
Be My Valentine: An Improvised Blood-soaked Slasher/Romantic Comedy Join the Cast of
Geva Comedy Improv for a special run of shows wholly dedicated to the “Slasher
Movie” genre. Each performance will be a unique live action “movie” based upon
suggestions from the audience. Be sure to catch this heartwarming/horrifying/hilarious evening of entertainment. Enjoy thrills, laughs and warm memories with that “special someone” in your life. Woo your date with cheap drinks, or snare someone who has already enjoyed a few - we're not
judging. It's simultaneously the most AND least romantic date night in Rochester!
(Studies have shown that people are more likely to make out after watching scary movies, just tossin that out there…) Oh yea, there will be blood. Stage blood. Gallons of it. You may get splattered. Does the blood wash out? Yes. Will the psychological scars heal? Probably not. Will someone find
love? (We’re hoping it’s Ted)
Friday February 13th 10:30 PM Saturday
February 14th 10:30 PM
Thursday February 19th 7:30 PM Friday February 20th
10:30 Saturday February 21st 10:30 PM
All shows are in the Nextstage at Geva
Theatre Center, and they only cost $7! Get your tickets at the Geva Theatre Box
office, online at or
by calling 232-Geva (4382).
Sometimes love hurts. Other times love murders you…

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  1. hahaha, thanks for sharing. That's hilarious.