Wednesday, March 25, 2009

c'est la vie.

hum ho.
so I technically should be studying right now, but my stomach hurts, and nothing is making me very productive. I spent last weekend down in Virginia (right near DC) at a Photojournalism Conference as well as spending time in the evenings with my cousin, Kevin. Both were fun and a nice break from reality. But, alas, reality cannot stay away forever. Monday morning hit with homework and reading, and the week has just continued. I am finally getting into the shooting phase for my three long term photo projects I will be carrying out over the quarter. I still need to get a lot of reading done and out of the way for my documentary photo class. All in all after I get the stressful part of making contact with possible subjects, and finding stories of human interest, I will be able to fall into a fairly rhythmic weekly pattern.
I think that'll be easier to handle.
Well, at least I really hope so.

Also, I am much looking forward to being done with school at the same time... really??!!!?? Is it really this close? I can't quite believe it. After graduation-ness is somewhat daunting, especially since professors keep urging me on to chase internships that are over 200 miles away. Somehow I think the commute might kill me. Oh well, c'est la vie. With no job prospects at the moment, I presently intend to work on learning Spanish more, create a presentable website for my work, walk lots more and bike, too, get involved in this community, and pursue some photo story/essay ideas I've been holding under my belt (which I fail to wear pretty much all the time, but no matter).

Anyhoo, enough procrastinating. On to phone calls, cleaning up, and studying.

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