Friday, March 6, 2009

psychological websites.

These things scare me at how right they can be... although I can say they did get me wrong in some spots...

Personality: Moods
You're an adventurous soul with a taste for the good life. You have an eye for style and a creative spirit. You probably like to be the centre of the action. When it comes to art, you are definitely unconventional; you are drawn to the beauty of the human body- and the oppurtunity to express your identity through it. You like how music helps you unwind, and switch off. Music transports you far away from the everyday grind.
Personality: Fun
Family time is top of the pops for you. You want to savor every precious moment. Life doesn't get any better. For kicks, you'll always opt to broaden your horizons. You love the inspiration that exploring new cultures brings. You like to take risks, and push limits. You're confident and brave- life is for the living. When it comes to holidays you like to explore, and immerse yourself in another culture. Always on the go, you take in as much as you can. You find it hard to switch off, as you like to be absorbing new information all the time.
Personality: Habits
Back to Basics
You love the luxury of taking time for yourself. There's nothing quite as enjoyable as relaxing, unwinding and living a pampered life. And why not? You deserve it. Your choice of drink reflects your love of stability and comfort of routine... As for the home, you have an expressive personality with contemporary taste. You like to be surrounded by the precious possessions that define who you are (make this books & photos).
Personality: Social
You're a bit of a nostalgic deep down. Nothing beats the good times that you and your friends have shared. You're always up for a trip down memory lane. When you think of freedom- you think of living for the here and now (i think this could be half and half). You're open to new experiences and take any opportunity that crosses your path.

True: this
False: this

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