Tuesday, March 17, 2009

talk about pricy.

I clicked on some random link on MSN, as I do on occasion, it being the home page (for some odd reason) on David's laptop. Anyhow, the article was about over-the-top hotels you can stay in.
This was my favorite description, and as a side note, I'd never want to stay there.
Your Space or Mine? Spendy romantics have been putting money toward
theoretical trips into outer space for nearly a decade now, but the proposed 3
billion dollar/three-room hotel, Galactic Suite Space Resort, ups the ante.
Designed by aerospace engineer Xavier Claramunt, the pod-shaped suites are
projected to travel around the Earth every 80 minutes (going faster than 16,000
miles per hour). The cost? About $4 million for a "stay" of four days, so we're
hoping that includes fresh towels and turndown service by an actual Wookiee.
Assuming everything goes well, this short escape from the Earth's atmosphere
will allow you and your lover to swoon over 15 romantic sunrises per day, and
maybe even engage in some zero-gravity hijinks. The pods aren't even set to
orbit until 2012, so you'll have at least three more years to save up for the
ultimate un-cheap date.

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  1. It kind of makes me sad that this is a viable business venture.